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So we are releasing our PBX On-The-Go small business package! Fantastic for the real estate business and home business… In fact ANY business!

Instant business anywhere instantly.
Up to 5 phones. Each fast-kit comes hard-coded with a Santa Rosa telephone number. Powerful voicemail/automated-attendant with caller menus! It’s plug and play! If you encounter setup challenges, two free hours of setup support. Your phone line is only $24.99 a month, unlimited calling within the Continental United States. Home office, temporary office, executive suite, new office, newΒ #business! It’s ready to go.
*One-time equipment purchase and 3-Month contract required. That’s it!

Enterprise Office Technology

We have created one of the most incredible office telecommunications systems in Sonoma and Napa Counties. You now get to be your own “cloud hosted” PBX phone system provider and be linked to your local business community. We call it VastraMEDIA.
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Here is what you get!

  • A small footprint phone server
  • A free app on your Smartphone linked to the office
  • Incredible, high functioning VoIP desk telephones
  • Voice mail to email attachment
  • Fully functioning phone call menus
  • 24 member conference bridge
  • Day and night company greetings
  • Web interface to control your voicemail and caller’s interface
  • *FREE link to the Vastra Community Voice Network (unlimited!)
Your Link to the Business Community
Your link to the Wine Country Business Community by Bennett Valley Telecom

*What is the Vastra Community?

Vastra Community

It allows you to have a direct link to other people and businesses that are VastraMEDIA system users or just VastraMEDIA subscribers.

Here’s how in works. Rather than a cumbersome call to another business, you can go to the Vastra Community Directory and look up their 4-digit number or you may even want to program a button on your phone. No need to dial that business number, go through a receptionist, or automated attendant. You simply skip AT&T, Comcast, Verison, Sonic, or other phone carriers and go straight through the VastraLINK network and to the desk of the person you wish to reach. It’s a community intercom just for us. Since our system provides for a direct link to iPhones and Android phones, all Vastra Community members are highly available and may work with others real-time. Also! You can easily transfer calls through the community network. For attorneys it might be co-counsel, for real estate it might be a preferred lender. Many inter-business opportunities exist on the Vastra Community network:

  • Graphic Artist – Printing Company
  • Lodging and Vacation – Wineries
  • Wineries – Limousine Services
  • Bookkeeping – CPAs
  • General Practitioners – Specialists
  • Caregivers – Ambulatory Shuttle Services
  • Construction – Architects
  • Physical Fitness – Nutritionist

It’s more than a business telephone system. It’s a marketing appliance. It is your free digital chamber of commerce!

Just a Few of Our Incredible Technology Products

We also provide parts and service on legacy systems!
Check it out below. 👇
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Comdial DSU, FXII, DX-80/120, Executech, SCS, Impact



Omega IV ~ Omega Four

AT&T Lucent Partner, Partner Plus, Difinity G3 Merlin, Merlin Magix

Vertical MBX IP 

SX200 Digital ~ Mitel Lite

NEC DSX, SL1100 D-Term, NEAX

Meridian, Option 11, ICS DR5 Norstar

Octel Branch ~ Lucent OCTEL, MITEL

KX Series

Ring Central Cloud Hosted PBX Authorized Dealer

SD Saturn ROLM



SBX IP, MBX IP, Vodavi

STS, XTS, Star Plus, Dispatch, Triad