Ledson Offices

My name is Brian Brown from Bennett Valley Telecom. Welcome to the Ledson Executive offices. First I would like to clarify that I am an independent IT contractor and I am not directly affiliated with the Ledson family of companies.  That being said, I work closely with the Ledson Properties management team to coordinate any telecommunications offerings that may be needed.

It is your option to choose your own telephone company carrier  such as AT&T, Comcast, Sonic, etc.  Although I deeply care that you are treated fairly by these telephone service providers, I can not directly provide coordination with them without written authorization. If you choose to engage me as a liaison   between you and your telephone carrier I do charge a fee for that service and am happy to do it. Time is of the essence when ordering, as these various companies take time to deliver the product. 

What you need to know about my services:

Ledson Executive Offices has an in-house PBX that provides you with front desk answering services. This system has a voice mail server that also is provided by Ledson Executive Offices. There are times when your telephone company provides voice mail service at the same time. Please be aware that the Ledson front desk services can only send your calls to the internal provided voice mail system.

Installation and set up charges. 
Ledson does not pay for my services to you. Although Ledson Executive Offices owns the system, the installation and setup fees are arranged between you and me. Remember, it is your option to decline my services and work directly with your telephone carrier service. 
I charge $115 per hour with a one hour minimum. If you require several telephones, internet, and multiple lines (for example) this will increase the time invested to fulfill your installation. In any case I keep you informed as the project progresses.

Feel free to call anytime 707-573-7272
Best Regards,
Brian Brown
Bennett Valley Telecom